Kids Lessons

Kids lessons

Our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense class will help your child develop discipline, respect, self confidence and coordination while training in a fun family atmosphere. They will lean the fundamental movements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while interacting with other children. Our Kids class focuses on 4 areas: Warm ups, drills, techniques, and sparring. With the warm-ups kids enhance there natural body movements while developing their strength and conditioning. Drills are basic techniques that are always practiced to promote proper muscle memory. Techniques are new movements introduced every week to equip our students. Once these techniques are learned, they become dills that will sharpen their mental and physical awareness of self defense. The last part is Sparring. Sparring is applying techniques in a live situation against an instructor or teammate.

Kids anti bully lessons

Every month in the United States, three million children miss school due to fear of bullies. Our goal is to instill in your child unshakable confidence so they can overcome bullies without violence. We will teach your child to maintain positive body language along with verbal assertiveness to deter bullies. We will teach them non-violent self-defense techniques to stay safe if physically assaulted. Although we teach our students how to punch and kick, since this often does more harm than good, we focus on leverage based controls to neutralize threats without violence.

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